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Asking reference: 12677
Printer, Edition, Brands, Fondeur : Holland America Line
Weight: 22.00 (Kg)
Creation date: 1937
Size: 17.7 X 17.7 X 59.1 (inches) / 45.0 x 45.0 x 150.0 (cm)
Condition backing / Material :Wood
Condition: A (very fine)
Price: 16 500.00

A Travel Agent's model of the S.S. NIEUW AMSTERDAM 20th century.

The hull, decks and superstructures are formed from tin and painted with grey and white topsides, a yellow cove stripe and part of a red waterline showing.

A Travel Agent's model of the S.S. NIEUW AMSTERDAM Dutch, 20th century. The hull, decks and superstructures are formed from tin and painted with grey and white topsides, a yellow cove stripe and part of a red waterline showing. The decks are painted a buff color, the life boats painted white and orange, and the funnels finished in Holland America Line livery. Other details include fore and aft masts, stern flag staff, pierced port holes and windows.

When NIEUW AMSTERDAM was launched 1937, she was one of the Ships Of State. Built as ship of peace and for tomorrow. These ships had been build by tax payers money, and had been somehow, as NORMANDIE, QUEEN MARY and QUEEN ELIZABETH, and others, may given the economist John Maynard Keynes (1883-1946), after his model of deficit spending and the artificially created demand in times of recession, pride, as he could not have imagined any better ...

Passengers must have found it difficult to believe they were at sea when in the air-conditioned First Class Theater or Restaurant. The deeply cushioned seats of the theatre commanded an unobstructed view of the stage, and the egg-shaped contour of the auditorium took advantage of the latest in scientific sound-proofing materials and amplifying equipment to ensure perfect acoustics for concerts, dramatic performances and pre-release motion pictures. Found at the front end of the Theatre was a striking mural in red, black and gold by Reyer Stolk. The NIEUW AMSTERDAM was the second ship in the world after the NORMANDIE to boast a theater, a feature the larger and faster QUEEN MARY did not have.
A favorite rendezvous for many the NIEUW AMSTERDAM passengers was the handsome First Class Smoking Room with its rich Circassian walnut paneling and deep, luxurious armchairs and settees. Flanked by two enclosed sun verandas extending to the sides of the ship, the Smoking Room had its own modern bar stocked with a connoisseur choice of fine liquors.
On April 23rd, 1938, the new NIEUW AMSTERDAM set out on her sea trials, which were to take place on the North Sea. Testing her speed and maneuvering capability, the new vessel turned out to be all that she was supposed to be. Upon her return from the sea trials, the NIEUW AMSTERDAM was handed over to HOLLAND AMERIKA LIJN ownership and officially was registered in the Dutch merchant fleet.
HOLLAND AMERIKA LIJN was justifiably proud of its new flagship and during her single year of pre-war Transatlantic service at least four lavishly illustrated brochures were issued. One of the Holland-America Line’s brochure of the time commented; the new Holland-America Line flagship, "NIEUW AMSTERDAM represents more than the emphasis on historical association that her name implies. She is a modern spiritual counterpart of her city-godparent a vibrant youthful expression from the old country to the youth of the new; bringing the common heritage of each into the vivid spotlight of the present. The breadth of vision and the novel treatment of traditional problems of marine architecture complement, in an amazing manner, the vigor, bold enterprise, and confidence that are the dominating characteristics of twentieth century Manhattan. Sixteen architects, judiciously chosen from the younger generation, were entrusted with this task. Working independently with their own staffs of artists, they solved their own problems in their own way. The result is comparable to the finished performance of a massed choir with all its component parts in proper relation to the whole."
Although NIEUW AMSTERDAM was neither as large nor fast as many of her contemporaries, she was to be a popular liner for the Dutch and was showered with superlatives. Her sleek outline and two slim funnels provided a striking profile and NIEUW AMSTERDAM soon garnered a loyal following amid stiff competition from great liners such as CUNARD's grand QUEEN MARY and the superb NORMANDIE of the COMPAGNIE GÉNÉRALE TRANSATLANTIQUE. Despite the fierce competition, the NIEUW AMSTERDAM proved to be one of the few money-making vessels of the day.
This remarkable flagship from the Netherlands was not to enjoy the praise lavished on her for long. After only seventeen voyages, the NIEUW AMSTERDAM was laid up at Hoboken, New Jersey in 1939 after the German invasion of Poland. She would be idle for only a year, however, and was requisitioned by the British Ministry of Transport after the Netherlands did surrender to Hitler’s armies. She would spend the remainder of the war years as a troop transport, despite the fact she had been constructed without the consideration of ever being used in a military capacity. During the course of the conflict she would transport over 350,000 troops and steam some 530,452 nautical miles (982,397 km) before being returned to the HOLLAND AMERIKA LIJN in 1946.

by Earl Cruise

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